Eskantoyour modern equipment benefits the poultry owners by increasing efficiency, conversion ratio, stability in construction and long lifespan

Healthy egg production, creating economical and optimal condition, reducing contamination inside the house, increasing rearing capacity, reduce production cost aiming quality product.

Creating health and wellness of bird condition, proper fertility, high quality chicks, convenience and uniformity of flock with innovation and modern updated equipment

Eskantoyour optimum effort is to design and construct better equipment to satisfy the requirement of customers with major production of layer cage, rearing pullet, broiler and layer breeder

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The 18th Exhibition of Livestock and Poultry

The 18th Exhibition of Livestock and Poultry

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Eskantoyour company
About us:

Eskantoyour company backed up by more than three decades of scientific and practical experience in the construction and maintenance of poultry equipment has been founded and established by Mr.Eskandar Eskandarifar and his colleagues. Mr.Eskandarifar had begun his activity in the field of poultry farms as a technical director since 1985 and in the main time had the responsibility of maintaining many farms in the suburb of Tehran province. From 1990 joint by an activist of poultry industry, he started the production of poultry equipment with his ownership and management and founded Toyouran Abzar CO. With his partner on 1995. He had been the CEO and main shareholder of Toyouran Abzar for more than 21 years. During these years dedicated to innovation and european technology this company succeeded dramatically gaining a major share of poultry industry and market. With the long term experience in poultry equipment production combined with costumer-oriented and customer-focused experience, Mr.Eskandarifar has established Eskantoyour Company.

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